The Wolf and Her Precious Baby: A story about a mother's love

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♥ Does your child love fairy tales and wolves?
♥ Do they like bedtimes stories they can relate to?

Loneliness can be a painful experience but for one lonely wolf it signals the start of something amazing, when she gives birth to the moon. She raises it, feeds it and teaches it the ways of the world. Eventually it is time for the moon to leave and live a life of its own, shining down on its mother and the Earth forever more.

The Wolf and Her Precious Baby: A story about a mother's love. Short Bedtime Story for Children Ages 3-5. Picture Books for Kids (Social Skills Books for Kids)

The Wolf and Her Precious Baby is a delightful preschool book for boys and girls that tells a story about a mother's love for her child. It explores feelings and emotions  that children will relate to and enjoy, promoting the idea that even when you do lose someone, they will always be there in some way.

This enchanting fairy tale is for all mothers and all children in the world, young and old, and for anyone who has ever been lonely or had to let go of someone. Above all it delivers a powerful message of love and is sure to become a firm bedtime favourite for you and your child.

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