The Secret of the Snail Coast: Comic Book For Young Readers

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Do you love going on adventures with your friends?
Would you like to explore the water around the Snail Coast?
You can do it in this friendship adventure story!

The Secret of the Snail Coast | Comics for Kids | Comic Book For Young Readers

When a group of friends head off to explore the local coastline and have fun swimming and diving, they get a bit more than they bargained for. Limoo, a hermit crab, soon joins the fun. Before long, they are all having a great time, investigating the depths.

When the friends happen upon an old book that shows them how to cook different foods, they decide that the plentiful blue crabs that live in the area might provide a tasty treat. But lurking in the depths is another, much larger crab--and he doesn’t want the friends to make a meal out of his family!

In an awesome and fun-packed adventure book for boys and girls, The Secret of the Snail Coast presents a short story that is suitable for young children and is ideal for teaching preschool kids about friendship.

Fully illustrated with colour pictures, it is great for learning social skills, including respect for other creatures, and would be perfect as a bedtime read for children aged 4-6.