Simple Origami for Beginners. 126 Origami Paper to Coloring and to Fold

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Are you looking for something to engage your children with at home? They will spend about a few days playing with our simple origami kit for beginners!

This easy origami book for kids contains:

  • 126 sheets of large format origami paper that's easy for little hands to color, fold, mold, and shape

  • 21 cool simple origami with step-by-step folding instructions for children
  • Fold lines are printed right on the illustrations to enable kids aged 5-8 to easily create each project
  • QR codes for video tutorials of children folding the origami projects

Learn to create stunning paper origami:

  • Fish
  • Bunny
  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Mouse
  • Boat
  • Panda
  • And much more…

This simple origami book for beginners is specially designed to hold your child's interest as for as long as possible with simple origami folds such as easy origami fishes, birds and animals that are challenging enough to give your kids a sense of fulfillment and will help them build fine motor skills and develop their creative sides.

This easy origami book will teach your kids how to make origami in a way that's fun and entertaining and is suitable for children with special needs such as ADHD and Autism.

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