Metallic Marker Pens / 10 Colors

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Metallic calligraphy pens withnice fine tip flexible soft brush nib and colors are rich. They have a smooth application and wide coverage. The brush markers allows for (fine or wide strokes), flows like a paint brush.

10 vivid metallic colors for opaque writing and decorating even on dark and colored paper. The glimmering metallic ink will add dazzling luster to countless projects. Thanks to the metallic sparkle of the ink, the lettering and marks made will be both pronounced and eye-catching.

Ideal for hand lettering, a scrapbook album, black paper, taking school notes, DIY Christmas cards, adult coloring books, color calligraphy letter design, crafts, and more. Craft type: card making, metal, wood, ceramics, glass, rocks, great for kids and adults.