9 Last Minute Handprint And Footprint Father's Day Crafts

9 Last Minute Handprint And Footprint Father's Day Crafts

With Father’s Day approaching, you’re surely looking for lovely gift ideas for dad and grandpa. Who can resist cute handprints and footprints art? Handmade gifts are such a great way to show a special father you love and appreciate him!

We’ve rounded up some of our favorites to give you some inspiration for some Father’s Day keepsakes. For some of them, all you will need are paper, paint, and your child’s hand or foot which makes them a perfect last-minute Father’s Day gift!

What you will need for these crafts



  1. Download the template by Mr. Mintz 
  2. Paint your child’s hand with paint. 
  3. Make sure they keep their hand open to avoid smearing the paint.
  4. Press your child’s hand down firmly onto the canvas towards the bottom.
  5. Help your child gently lift their hand off the canvas to avoid smearing the paint.
  6. Allow the handprint to dry completely.
  7. Your handprint for Father's Day is complete!

Our 9 Father’s Day handprint and footprint crafts ideas 

1. Footprint Gift for Dad with Poem

Footprint Gift for Dad, Footprint Art Craft for Father's Day

 Download the Father’s Day Footprint Craft template 

2. Handprint Footprint Gift for Construction Dad

Construction Dad Gifts for Fathers Day

 Download the Handprint Footprint Craft template for Construction Dad

3. Father's Day Gift for Dad Who Loves to Fish


Download the Handprint Card for Fisher Dad template 

4. I Love You To The Moon Gift Card for Dad from Kids


I Love You To The Moon Gift Card for Dad from Kids


Download the Handprint Card for Dad template 

5. Footprint Handprint Gift for Truck Driver Dad

Truck Handprint Footprint Art Craft for Dad

Download the Handprint Craft template for Truck Driver Dad 

6. My Dad Rocks Handprint Craft for Father's Day

Handprint Art Craft for Fathers | My Dad Rocks

Download the My Dad Rocks Handprint Craft template 

7. Fingerprint Art Craft for Dad for Birthday and Father's Day

Fingerprint Art Craft for Dad

Download the Fingerprint Card for Dad template 

8. Footprint Gift for Construction Dad

Footprint Gift for Construction Dad

Download the Footprint Card for Construction Dad template 

9. Fingerprint Family Tree for Father's Day 

Fingerprint Family Tree Art for Fathers Day

 Download the Fingerprint Family Tree template 

Happy Crafting and Happy Father's Day!