Easy Origami for Kids: Origami Kit with 40 sheets of origami paper

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Every child will be able to create their own first origami thanks to this book! We guarantee that your kids will nail it. They will be happy and proud of their first origami and you will be happy to share their success!

Children can be restless, dynamic, social or introverted, and you may be having trouble looking for ways to entertain them healthily. Now you have a chance to take them away from the screens, and exploit their imagination!

In this amazing origami book you will find:

  • 40 origami paper includes – no need to purchase additional items
  • 11 clever projects with step-by-step folding instructions for kids
  • Fold lines are printed right on the illustrations to enable children aged 4-7 to easily create each project
  • Halloween, Christmas and Birthday crafts for kids!
  • Projects for cute animals like dragon, owl, dogs, lion, tiger, foxes, and more!
  • QR codes for video tutorials of children folding the origami projects

You wouldn't believe that a simple piece of paper could be so much fun, but you'll be amazed to find how your kids would act when they see it. There is no other book like this one!